Large town garden revamp

Once surrounded by acres of gardens, this large town house now had a more modest garden, sloping side to side, some fine mature trees & shingle paths around the property. With plans in place to modernize their home, our clients were anxious to adapt their garden to complement the new interior layout.

The primary aim of the garden design was to segregate the front & rear gardens with fencing, trellis & gates, to terrace the rear garden whilst visually enlarging it & to provide firm paved access to the the house.

In the rear garden a series of overlapping, incomplete circles creates the illusion of a much larger garden. A circular pergola leads to a woodland walk betwixt new plantings around the perimeter of the garden. Further circles of twin lawns at different levels, an alpine & herb garden contained by a circle of box
hedging & a circular terrace add to the illusion.